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Welcome to - the antipodes of the Polish internet!!!

In our store you will find probably the one of the largest selection of boomerangs.

    Our experience is many years of practice in the "boomeranging" and a huge number of boomerangs made by us, which we now count in thousands of pieces!

    Most of our boomerangs are available in both: right-handed and left-handed versions. If we have temporary warehouse shortages in a particular model, do not hesitate - write or call us. We will inform you when your desired model will be available.

    All boomerang models that are signed with the logo "Łowca Bumerangów (Bumerang Hunter), are our own and our friends designs. All rights to copy them for commercial purposes are reserved. However, copying them for personal use is even advisable :)

    When you order a boomerang in our store, you will also receive a detailed instruction. With its help you will learn how to skillfully use a boomerang, so that it returns properly.

    Why is it worth buying our boomerangs?
  • Because our boomerangs are 100% returning boomerangs
  • Boomerangs in this shop signed with "Łowca Bumerangów" (Boomerang Hunter) logo, are hand made by us in our workshop in Swarzędz.
  • We are happy to make individual, single copies, short series, but also we are able to handle wholesale orders.
  • We can make boomerangs custom made from a single piece to hundreds of pieces in a series.
  • Each boomerang, for an additional fee, may have:
    • Printed logo, inscription or sign
    • Laser engraving
    • Individual manual painting
    • Handwritten text

If you are in Poland - in Poznan or nearby, let us know - we will arrange a joint fun outdoors, with learning on how to use different types of boomerangs. It is not necessary to buy a boomerang. With us, you can try it for free!
Come -> Check –> Test.
See for yourself that our boomerangs are really coming back.

Take part in boomeranging - It's a real fun!