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boomerangs for beginners

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If you are going to buy your first or second boomerang, this section is right for you.

Requirements for the boomerangs feature for beginners are similar as for boomerangs for kids. These have to be reliable on the returning path and be easy to use, so that eventual mistakes made by thrower will not bother them too much. That is why many boomerang models which we have in this section for beginners, are the same models which we have in our boomerangs for kids section. Of course with the addition of some models which are good for the beginners but too heavy for the kids.

We recommend that every beginner should read throwing instruction and safety information very carefully. We attach them to each package we sent. When you follow those rules, it will spare some misadventures to you and to your boomerang.

If you like to catch a boomerang

Before you start to catch boomerangs, you should know their behaviour first. Don’t hurry. When you learn proper throw and boomerang will repeatedly come back to you, then you can think about first attempts to catch. When you will know the flying path and it behaviour in the air, it will be easier for you to catch it in more safe way. But remember that we cannot guarantee you full safety when you perform any tricks with boomerangs. You always catch returning boomerang, at your own risk.