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Łowca Bumerangów

Do you want to get some action?

  • Maybe you have enough, sitting at home and staring at your monitor, tablet or TV?
  • Maybe you want to go somewhere, to get some fresh air, but there is just this lack of motivation?
  • Maybe you have not been able to complete the Frisbee team recently?
  • Maybe you do not like jogging and do not have any idea for other physical activity?

Well, imagine that you have a reason to leave home and be active!

Boomerangs - exotic, wild and magical objects ... but still ordered to the laws of physics.
They just wait impatiently, until you tame them!
Once you understand how they work, and start to control their rough nature, they will obediently return to you every time.

Imagine your friends on the walk, when you take the boomerang, throw it in the right way, and it will come back straight to your hands!
To see such astonished faces - priceless ;) !

If you are in Poznan (Poland) or the area - let us know - we will arrange outdoor fun together with learning how to use different types of boomerangs.
Come along and have fun with us!