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Child's age and boomerang

There is no "golden rule" according to proper age, when child can start fun with boomerangs and which model is the best to begin with.
Age of 4-6 years seems to be too early to throw boomerangs, but however, it all depends on individual characteristics of its anatomy.

Among children up to the age of eight, there is often a problem with motor coordination. It is caused by uneven overall muscle equation. At this time of their lives muscle growth is very fast and in most cases uneven.
In a young, expanding body, some muscle parts develop faster than others. Through this, during the movement, stronger, faster and more developed muscles, have an advantage over the weaker ones, which are developing slower. It reveals as poor motor coordination, or sometimes even lack of it. Unfortunately, coordination is necessary, to perform the correct boomerang throw technique.
This muscle chaos usually compensates around 9-11 years old. Another acceleration of body development occurs during adolescence at the age of 12-16. However, this second rapid growth is generally more balanced and it has no influence on the harmony of movement like the first one.

My kids and boomerangs

My older son started throwing the boomerang correctly when he was about 11 years old, while the younger did it correctly at the age of 6.
Both of them, under my guidance, had equal opportunities from a small age, therefore, on the example of my own family, I know that there is no rule.

If a child really wants to have a boomerang, but we're not sure if it can handle it, I suggest you give your child a try. It's a quick and easy test:

  • If a child can throw a stick, 30-40 cm long and 2-3 cm in diameter, at a distance of 8-10 meters or more, it should also deal with the boomerang.
  • If it can throw it, so that the flying stick rotates, then it is a good chance that the boomerang will come back.

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