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How to choose a boomerang

Let me start with the trivial statement that the "miraculous boomerang" does not exist. When I write "miraculous" I mean, a boomerang that is insensitive to the throwing errors, and utterly comes back so you can start the boomerang adventure without any stress. No way. There is no such boomerang. When you want to start this kind of recreation, you have to keep in mind that throwing boomerangs is a skill sport. Beginners have to reckon with the fact that they will have to spend some time to get acquainted with the right throwing technique. It will take some test throws before they learn how to use boomerang properly, so that it would return after each throw.

Boomerangs which are in the boomerangs for beginners section, are specially selected as those that are quite easy to learn (compared to other models) and to some extent they can "forgive" beginner mistakes. It does not mean that such a boomerang immediately and perfectly come back at the first attempt, but at least on the first training you will not need to walk for it 30 meters, but will land only 4-5 meters from you :)

Boomerang for beginner

Please also remember that models intended for children are equally good for all beginners, regardless of age.
Cicholot Yeti, Trójpłat i Kółko are light models that do not require much effort and enormous skills to handle them fairly well. Boomerangs for children are light, and that means they are also good for an adult. If you do not have to focus on the power of the throw, then it is easier to train the right throwing technique.
Although I have been dealing with boomerangs for many years, I still eagerly reach for "children's" models.

On the other hand, if someone has a definitely "heavy hand" to throw, or otherwise - "an excess of strength that is difficult for him to master" :), then I do not recommend children models. The flight and behavior of such a boomerang will not be interesting.
If the throw will be too powerful, the light boomerang will be "overdriven". Instead of making a nice circle and return to the hands of the thrower, it will try to go farther and make a second circle. Sometimes it even succeed :)
Anyway, for a strong arm, I would recommend Banan XL at the beginning. It is definitely a heavier and stronger model than the children's three-wingers, but good for strong throwing for adult beginners.

When you choose the boomerang - handedness is important!

At the end, a small note - if you are going to give someone a boomerang as a gift, remember that it is important whether this person is right or left-handed. Make sure about this before placing an order.

Boomerang Hunter


We invite you to Swarzędz

Should you be visiting Berlin in the near future, please keep in mind that Swarzędz is only 300 km away from it.
The best solution is to try your hand, and throw various boomerangs before buying. You can easily make an appointment with us for test throws. This is the best way to choose the right model for the start.

We only ask you to make an appointment in advance. Certainly, we will somehow choose the common date of the meeting but please, remember that we are not available 24/7 and each of us has its own daily schedule. For trial throws you have to spend a half up to full hour:

  • prepare boomerangs for testing
  • get to the right throwing place
  • explain the rules of proper use, on the spot
  • make a short demonstration
  • take the time to test throws and correct any mistakes the thrower makes

Please also remember that the weather is very important. When it rains, or winds are stronger than 6-7 m / s, throwing boomerangs does not make any sense. Especially when it comes to beginners. Boomerangs, like all airborne objects, are subject to aerodynamic principles and are susceptible to gusts of wind.