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Boomerang Hunter

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Boomerang Hunter (in Polish Łowca Bumerangów) is a Polish wooden, returning boomerangs manufacturer. Boomerangs made by Boomerang Hunter are currently made of solid wood and of three types of plywood:

- joiner grade birch plywood, from Poland

- aircraft grade birch plywood, from Finland

- own production beech plywood, made in Boomerang Hunter workshop

The wood used to produce these boomerangs comes from forest management conducted in accordance with the principles of maintaining sustainable development, durability of forests and nature protection.

In Boomerang Hunter offer…

... you can find boomerangs in various categories:

boomerangs for kids

boomerangs for beginners

boomerangs for intermediates

boomerangs for advanced

hand painted, decorated, returning boomerangs

Except boomerangs, Hunter also offers accesories related to boomerangs (e.g stands) and bullroarers - „bushmen phones” also known as rhombus, or turndun.

All of the boomerangs are also avaliable as unique pieces with posibility to add personal dedication, additional engravings or even unrepeatable hand made painting.

Boomerang Hunter offers also mass produced boomerangs in bulk quantities, for commercial use e.g as unusual company gifts. It is possible to make any printing or other form of decoration.

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